Conjunctivitis - causes, treatment
Conjunctivitis, cough and runny nose - symptoms and causes
Causes and recommendations for parents during treatment Often the root cause of conjunctivitis is infection through contact with
Venarus tablets
Treatment of hemophthalmos of the eye - code according to ICD-10, medicinal
Hemophthalmos of the eye: treatment Depending on the type of hemophthalmos, it can be treated both inpatient and
Can a child have conjunctivitis from a runny nose?
Fever, cough, runny nose, conjunctivitis in a child
Runny nose and conjunctivitis in a child Can conjunctivitis be caused by a runny nose in a child? We answer
remove makeup from eyes
Severe headache after eye surgery
Laser eye surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that causes minimal damage to the visual organs.
vision 4
If the glasses were made incorrectly, where should I contact?
In the daily rush, it is sometimes difficult to find time to visit an ophthalmologist. Therefore, many people buy ready-made
Eye exercises for retinal detachment
Classification of retinal dystrophy Retinal dystrophy is divided into two large types. It is hereditary and acquired
Sagging lower eyelid after blepharoplasty
Hollows under the eyes after blepharoplasty
Methods of treatment In mild cases, to correct ectropion of the eyelid, treatment may consist of compresses,
Beneficial massage for dacryocystitis in newborns is the secret to successfully curing the disease
How this is done Eye massage in case of obstruction of the lacrimal or nasolacrimal duct Evgeniy Komarovsky believes
glaucoma what is it
Treatment of glaucoma: laser surgery, eye injections, tablets, traditional methods, eye drops for glaucoma and eye pressure
Strictly speaking, glaucoma is not one disease, but a whole group of diseases with similar
Fungal conjunctivitis: treatment, prevention, photos of external signs of the disease
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