Removing dark circles under the eyes with corrector: types and rating of the best products

Every woman has asked herself the question of how to disguise dark circles under her eyes at least once in her life. There are times when in the morning after a fun party the night before or after experiencing severe stress, you need to look great, but this is hampered by unaesthetic bruises on the lower eyelids. You can hide them, you just need to choose the right product and apply it correctly.

How to disguise dark circles under the eyes

Blueness in the periorbital zone occurs for various reasons. The skin in this area is very thin with a large number of capillaries, and the fat layer is almost completely absent. This structure of the dermis makes it vulnerable to external aggressive factors and internal disorders in the body.

The condition of the skin is instantly reflected in:

  • stress;
  • chronic lack of sleep;
  • alcohol abuse;
  • lack of fresh air;
  • smoking;
  • poor nutrition;
  • errors in care.

Bruises can be the result of genetically determined structural features of the dermis or diseases of the internal organs.

Defects cannot be quickly eliminated, but they can be reliably hidden. Modern cosmetology offers a wide selection of correctors and concealers for dark circles under the eyes. They should be used in combination with other cosmetics.

Eye cream

Regular use of this remedy helps eliminate cyanosis that appears due to regular lack of sleep, parties, and overwork. If you use special eye creams constantly, the circles will not only become invisible, but will also appear less often.

In addition to darkening, creams fight fine wrinkles, swelling, and drying out of the epidermis.

The best formulations are those containing:

  • caffeine;
  • vitamins C, K;
  • elastin;
  • kojic acid;
  • heparin;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • retinol;
  • plant extracts.

These substances remove moisture from the upper layers of the skin, make it denser, strengthen vascular walls, and stimulate blood flow.

The desired effect from using hydrogel patches is most noticeable. If you don’t have them, you can lubricate halves of a cotton pad with your usual cream, hold them in the freezer for 5 minutes, and apply them under your eyes. After this procedure, your face will quickly acquire a fresh, rested appearance.


The purpose of a facial highlighter (like a concealer) is to hide imperfections. But the effect of these means is fundamentally different. If concealer is needed to cover up a cosmetic defect, then highlighter is designed to emphasize the contours of the face. It shifts the emphasis from dark circles to the positive aspects of appearance.

Note: Applying highlighter to bruises will make them even more noticeable.

Such cosmetics contain reflective particles, create the effect of an internal glow of the dermis, make the face fresh, rested, and hide facial wrinkles. Thanks to it, you can visually enlarge your eyes, make your nose smaller, make your lips fuller, and emphasize your eyebrows.

The color of cosmetics should be selected based on the shade of the dermis:

  • for fair-skinned girls, a soft pearly sheen will suit it, which will create a discreet “chilling” effect;
  • on a dark complexion it is better to apply products with golden, bronze or honey pigments;
  • If your skin is prone to redness, you should opt for pink tones.

Another important characteristic of a highlighter is the size of the sparkling particles:

  • A shimmer product with large sparkles is only suitable for evening makeup. In daylight it looks unnatural (not shiny, but greasy);
  • A satin highlighter filled with fine particles designed to create a natural glow on the skin. You can apply it when getting ready for work;
  • a preparation with an HD effect, contains light-scattering components. Suitable as a base for foundation and gives the face a smooth, rested look.

A good highlighter has an airy, weightless texture and does not collect in pores or wrinkles. If you apply it in a thin layer using a special brush, the consumption will be very economical.

To achieve maximum effect, it is better to use highlighter along with concealer. First apply the latter to the dark lower eyelids, then highlight the contours of the face with highlighter.

Concealer or corrector

Another product similar to concealer is corrector. These are two different drugs. The first has a light texture, as close as possible to the natural color of human skin (has a pinkish or yellowish undertone). It can be applied to large areas of the face, as it blends successfully with other toning products.

The corrector has a pronounced shade and masks imperfections due to the contrast of the palette. It is always applied under concealer, and not vice versa. This product has a thicker, denser consistency; it should be applied pointwise, treating severe defects (for example, acne).

It is important to consider that the concealer has some moisturizing properties, and the corrector slightly dries out the epidermis.

Criteria for choosing a good concealer

This type of cosmetics was developed in the middle of the last century by the famous manufacturer Max Factor specifically to disguise skin defects.

There is no universal composition. Concealer needs to be selected individually, based on skin type and problems that need to be solved.

The following parameters are important:

  • consistency;
  • compound;
  • color.

Rating of concealers for dark circles under the eyes

Concealers are present in the lines of most cosmetics manufacturers: from luxury to mass market. Moreover, an expensive product is not necessarily the most worthy. Many of them have a narrowly targeted effect. For example, they are only suitable for dry or aging skin. Before use, you must read the instructions carefully.

The best concealer for dark circles under the eyes may be mid-range or economical.

Best budget under eye concealer

Products from this group can be purchased at a regular cosmetic store. The most popular among ladies are:

  • HD Consiler Cache Cernes from NYX completely covers up circles on the eyelids, slightly brightens the skin, making the look more open. It is very convenient to apply with the included brush applicator. It is good for her to dose the product. The negative point is that it slightly emphasizes wrinkles;
  • Radiant, from VIVIENNE SABO, has a pleasant consistency, pronounced color, allows you to hide even very dark defects, does not “roll” in folds, but is noticeable from a close distance;
  • Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Conceale (MAYBELLINE), according to girls' reviews, is the best in this price category. It has a weightless structure, similar to an emulsion, does not dry out the skin, and does not require the purchase of additional ingredients, as it completely masks cyanosis. The shade of the concealer mimics your skin tone. It doesn't require intense shading. Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting can quickly and accurately hide signs of fatigue and refresh your face. The only small drawback is uneconomical consumption.

Despite the fact that the listed drugs belong to the “mass market” category, they are of very high quality and cope well with their tasks.

Rating of the best under-eye concealers in the medium market category

This group includes “pharmacy” and some professional products of average cost.

Examples of good remedies:

  • Perfect Teint Concealer, produced by ARTDECO, is practically not felt on the eyelids, does not settle into folds, and does not emphasize wrinkles;
  • DermaBlend Cosmetique Corrective (VICHY) has received a lot of positive feedback from users. Masks defects under the eyes, is absorbed into the epidermis, becoming invisible even from close range. Has caring properties, effectively moisturizes the skin;
  • La touche magique (L'OREAL) has a light, natural texture, is not noticeable, quickly eliminates cyanosis, adapting to the overall tone of the face, and does not weigh down the eyelids.

How to choose a good one

Which concealer is better to choose? Many people know what this product is and what it is intended for, but when approaching the question of choice, they get lost. There are several varieties in the assortment of the cosmetics market, differing in cost, composition, and texture.

Concealer classification:

  • concealers with an antibacterial effect are recommended for oily skin;
  • liquid – for thin, dry type;
  • cream - a universal remedy;
  • sticks - applied to large areas, for oily or combination skin.

When choosing a product, you need to take into account your skin type, body characteristics, and purpose.

A paste concealer helps hide freckles, age spots, and dark circles under the eyes. The creamy version copes with the same task.

A good quality product can be specialized and caring. In the second case, the skin is nourished, the tone is evened out, and the texture is softened. To eliminate the problem, women can use a special remedy.

The main criterion is color, ideally half a tone lighter than the face. Specialized options hide swelling, redness and other problems. To disguise the bags, use yellow. Blue or pink hides freckles and age spots. If you find it difficult to choose, consult a cosmetologist.

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Makeup Technique to Conceal Under-Eye Circles

Before you begin to camouflage dark circles under the eyes, you need to thoroughly cleanse your face with toner and treat with moisturizer. Such manipulations will refresh the face and improve blood flow in the problem area.

The cream must be well absorbed so that subsequent layers of cosmetics lie smoothly. It is permissible to carefully blot the remaining product with a napkin, apply a makeup base, then begin “working” with the concealer.

Applying concealer

The technology for applying the concealer is as follows:

  1. Draw ray strokes from the inner corner of the eye to the bridge of the nose.
  2. Apply diagonal lines to the skin at the outer corner and the eyelid itself.
  3. Blend everything thoroughly, moving from the nose to the temples.

Attention: one layer of concealer is enough! Otherwise, the product will be noticeable, which will draw attention to problem areas.

The camouflage cream must be carefully “hammered in” with your fingertips or a special brush. This way you can not only cover up bruises, but also lightly massage the problem area. This stimulates blood microcirculation and restores elasticity to the skin. Do not stretch or rub the skin.

Applying powder

The final touch of makeup is the use of loose powder. It should be applied over the concealer to fix it and hide the wet structure of the concealer. The powder should be distributed over the face with a special brush using light movements.

For blue-black circles under the eyes, you should choose salmon-colored powder, which will hide the unpleasant shade.

The best and long-lasting under-eye concealers

There is a wide range of cosmetics on the market; there are universal ones that are suitable for everyone. But it is recommended to select a product taking into account your skin type, its characteristics and other nuances.

MAC Studio Finish

Cost 1790 rub.

Canadian concealer from the MAC Studio Finish brand. A concealer with a thick, cream-like texture. After application, it eliminates skin imperfections, creates a matte effect, and visually smoothes wrinkles.

It contains many corrective components. The concealer removes excess sebum, nourishes, and saturates with antioxidants. The result is flawless radiance.

MAC Studio Finish


  • UV protection;
  • durability, visible effect retained for up to 12 hours;
  • ease of application;
  • water resistance;
  • no fragrances or parabens in the composition.


  • high price.

Shiseido Natural Finish Cream

Cost from 1300 rub.

Country of origin: USA. Luxury concealer is available in 3 shades. After application, it hides dark circles under the eyes, bruises, small capillary vessels and remaining acne marks. It is easy to apply to the area under the eyes, does not roll down during the day, and does not get caught in folds. Looks natural at any time of the year.

The formula is approved by ophthalmologists and dermatologists. A very high quality concealer for dark circles and dark circles under the eyes, the best among many.

Shiseido Natural Finish Cream


  • pleasant color, suitable for any skin type;
  • light, airy texture;
  • ease of application.


  • dry skin tightens;
  • lack of applicator in the set.

Max Factor Mastertouch

Approximate cost 350 rub.

Made in Ireland. Inexpensive cream concealer. When creating any type of makeup, it provides camouflage of existing skin imperfections. The consistency is liquid, the product is easy and pleasant to use.

Hides bruises under the eyes, dark circles, small capillaries. The brush applicator ensures precise application of the cosmetic product.

It contains reflective particles, which makes the concealer invisible. First comes the primer, then the foundation, then Max Factor Mastertouch. Powder helps prolong the durability of makeup.

Max Factor Mastertouch


  • several shades;
  • masking effect;
  • a budget option.


  • not found.

Catrice Allround

Cost from 220 rub.

Country of origin: Germany. A palette of five concealers in different colors will be a salvation for every girl. Beige is the ideal way to give your skin a matte and even tone. Yellow tint - hides dark circles under the eyes and signs of fatigue. Green can be used to eliminate redness.

The set is compact and fits into the smallest handbag.

Catrice Allround


  • low cost;
  • convenient application.

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  • During the day it can slide down, you have to correct your makeup several times;
  • does not hide the most problematic areas.

Clarins Instant

Cost from 1500 rub.

French brand Clarins. The best blemish treatments can't help but include Clarins Instant. An age-related cosmetic product refreshes the face, disguises dark circles and bags under the eyes. The texture is creamy, after application it adapts to the natural color.

Contains aloe extract and vitamins. After regular use, damaged skin processes are restored.

Clarins Instant

Bruises, oily shine, small capillaries are problems that will not appear after using concealer.


  • Dermatological control was carried out;
  • natural ingredients in the composition.


  • high price.

Essence Stay Natural

Cost – from 120 rubles.

Country of origin: Poland, brand Essence. Weightless and light texture, natural shades, the ability to hide skin imperfections, ranging from wrinkles to dark circles - this is the main secret of the popularity of the cosmetic product.

It occupies one of the first places in the ranking of concealers. Unique formula containing vitamin A.

Essence Stay Natural

Convenient application is ensured by the built-in brush. Hiding all the flaws, it goes completely unnoticed.


  • easy to shade;
  • the skin becomes fresh after application;
  • a budget option.


  • not found.


Cost from 320 rub.

The country of origin of the cosmetic product is America. Creamy texture concealer. Hides age spots, dark circles, fine wrinkles, moles and acne marks.

It is recommended to apply cream or gel under the concealer to moisturize the skin. Fixes instantly, should be shaded quickly.


Customer reviews indicate that this product is quite high quality.


  • low cost;
  • natural ingredients in the composition.


  • Dry skin may feel tight.

The Saem Cover Perfection Tip

Price from 450 rub.

Korean concealer. A compact product that refreshes the face and eliminates signs of fatigue. The built-in applicator helps you apply everything precisely. The texture is silky, quickly shades, masks imperfections.

It contains many plant extracts that relieve inflammation, feelings of tightness, and care for the skin.

The Saem Cover Perfection Tip

In the summer, in addition to its intended purpose, it serves as protection against ultraviolet radiation.


  • a budget option;
  • palette of several shades;
  • stability, does not roll down during the day, does not require correction.


  • not found.

Lancome Effacernes Longue Tenue

Price from 2800 rub.

Country of origin: France. Together with Lancome concealer, your makeup will be spectacular and light. Contains components that have moisturizing, protective, and nourishing properties.

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After regular use, the skin becomes smooth and radiant. The consistency is soft, silky, applies evenly and hides all imperfections.

Lancome Effacernes Longue Tenue

It can visually change the shape of the face; reflective filters help with this.


  • easy to shade;
  • pleasant texture;
  • There are many natural ingredients in the composition.


  • high price.

Vivienne Sabo Radiant

Price from 260 rub.

Country of origin: Switzerland. The concealer contains components that have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. Existing damage quickly disappears, the complexion becomes even. Under-eye circles are masked and an amazing glow appears.

The result after use surprises the most demanding beauties.

Vivienne Sabo Radiant


  • low cost;
  • pleasant texture;
  • natural ingredients in the composition.


  • Dry skin may feel tight.

Cosmo recommends

There are a lot of ratings for cosmetic products. The Cosmo publication invites girls to pay attention to several concealers that have received the most positive reviews.

Clarins Instant Concealer

The product from Clarins has a thick but soft texture. It blends out easily, leaving no boundaries.

Instant hides cyanosis well, creates the impression of an inner glow of the integument, and makes the look open and rested. It does not accumulate in the pores, does not dry out the epidermis, and lasts until the evening.

BB cream corrective care for the skin around the eyes Erborian

This representative of Korean cosmetics has masking and caring properties. Has a complex effect on appearance:

  • smoothes wrinkles;
  • relieves swelling;
  • rejuvenates the face;
  • hides dark circles;
  • evens out the relief of the dermis;
  • adds brightness to the look.

The product is pleasant to use due to its silky texture.

Concealer Instant Anti-Age The Eraser Eye MAYBELLINE

The concealer camouflages pronounced defects, brightens and smoothes the skin of the eyelids. The presence of goji berries and haloxyl provides an anti-aging effect.

The product does not get into wrinkles and does not draw attention to them. An additional plus is the convenient applicator pad. With its help, the cream is applied easily and economically.

Mastertouch Concealer Max Factor concealer cream

The drug from Max Factor copes with such dermatological problems as:

  • post-acne;
  • small facial wrinkles;
  • enlarged pores;
  • darkness under the eyes.

The concealer hides major imperfections and remains invisible. Reflective components give the face freshness and visually rejuvenate.

Double corrector Studio Conceal and Correct Duo MAC

This product consists of two correctors of different shades that complement each other. They help hide imperfections and even out the overall skin tone.

The drug has been tested by dermatologists and ophthalmologists. It does not cause irritation and is suitable for ladies wearing contact lenses.

Does not roll off, does not wash off for eight hours. With constant use, it provides effective hydration of the delicate area.

Correction pencil Art Scenic Professional Make Up Eveline

Eveline corrector has a pleasant, velvety texture. Hides imperfections, nourishes the epidermis.

Gentle care is provided by such components as:

  • squalane;
  • lanolin;
  • beeswax.

The manufacturer offers correctors in several colors. You can choose a natural shade to match your skin tone or buy a greenish one to paint over red circles.

Liquid Camouflage-High Coverage Concealer Catrice

The liquid product is one of the best representatives of budget category products. Despite the affordable price, it hides imperfections very effectively, is easy to shade, and is used sparingly.

Available in five shades. Hides not only dark circles, but also acne, enlarged pores, hyperpigmented areas.

Studio Skin 24 Hour Waterproof Concealer oil free Smashbox

Belgian cosmetics provide flawless, even coverage that lasts up to 24 hours. Does not spread, withstands any moisture, including sweat or precipitation. It does not contain oils and does not stain clothes.

The concealer contains light-diffusing components that mask any imperfections.

TOP 7 concealer palettes

Master Camo Face Correcting Kit, Maybelline

A universal palette for correcting skin imperfections. It contains two correctors, two concealers and two highlighters. The texture of the products is creamy and delicate, blends easily and masks imperfections well. Using highlighters, you can highlight and highlight the desired areas of the skin. This palette is often used by makeup artists in their professional activities. The products in the palette have good staying power and last all day. The palette has a very affordable price.

Maybelline Face Correction Palette

Infallible Total Cover Concealer Palette, L'Oreal

This palette of creamy concealers is ideal for owners of any skin type. Beauty products are easily distributed and shaded well, do not crease throughout the day, and have a pronounced covering ability. The palette contains five colored concealers, with which you can improve the appearance of the skin and disguise any of its imperfections: dullness, bruises, bags under the eyes, redness, inflammation, blood vessels, post-acne, etc. The concealers do not create a mask effect on the skin, they do not cause a feeling of tightness, and thanks to the caring components included in the composition, the skin additionally receives nutrition and hydration, becoming softer to the touch.

L'Oreal concealer palette

Makeup Color Correcting Palette, NYX Professional

A professional six-color concealer palette that will help you cope with any skin imperfections. The colors are quite bright, but don't worry: they blend well and cover up with foundation. The concealers are quite long lasting and maintain perfect makeup throughout the day. Using the palette, you can disguise dark circles and bruises under the eyes, spider veins, age spots, freckles, acne and post-acne, redness, greenish and yellowish skin tints. The palette also contains concealers in natural shades that can be used for facial contouring. The products contain vitamin E and wax, so concealers do not dry out the skin and additionally moisturize it.

NYX Professional Correction Palette

Spectrum, Zoeva

A palette containing nine highly pigmented concealers that have good coverage. After application, the products are perfectly shaded and do not create a mask effect, which is especially valuable for girls who are using color correction for the first time. Concealers can be used on any part of the face and have a pleasant matte finish. Thanks to their creamy consistency, the shades blend easily with each other, so you can easily experiment with their combinations. Decorative products do not overload the skin and, having useful components in their composition, carefully care for it, preventing it from drying out. Concealers stay on the skin all day long and do not crease or crease.

Zoeva Concealer Palette

Skin Perfect Corrector Set, Limoni

The famous brand Limoni has created its own universal concealer palette, which will be useful for any occasion. With the help of a palette you can not only disguise imperfections, but also sculpt your face. You are no longer afraid of dark circles under the eyes, inflammation, redness, irritation, age spots, uneven tone: concealers of different shades will cope with these and other skin defects without difficulty. The texture of the beauty products is creamy, easily shaded and applied evenly. The palette itself is equipped with a magnetic holder - as you use up concealers, you can change them for new ones.

Limoni corrector palette

Pro Conceal And Correct Palette, MAC

A professional concealer palette will help you create flawless makeup, disguise signs of fatigue, age spots, redness, inflammation, dark circles under the eyes and scars. The products contain mainly natural ingredients that do not cause irritation, so even those with sensitive skin can use the palette. The shades blend easily with each other thanks to their soft creamy texture. Concealers do not clog pores, do not crease throughout the day and adhere well to the skin. The palette can be used for both professional and home makeup.

MAC Face Correction Palette

Perfect Look, Divage

An affordable option for creating flawless makeup. The palette contains five concealers of different colors: green, lilac, pink and two natural shades. The texture is creamy, but thick enough to mask any imperfections. The palette is suitable for correcting age spots, freckles, acne, scars, dark circles under the eyes, redness and irritation. The concealers come with a comfortable and soft brush, which is convenient for applying each color and blending it. The concealers are quite durable, last throughout the day and do not settle into the folds of the skin.

Divage Face Corrector Palette

How to apply concealer to hide dark circles under the eyes

To disguise a pronounced defect, corrective products for dark circles under the eyes are best used in this way:

  1. Treat your face with moisturizer.
  2. For dark-skinned girls, apply peach concealer to the eyelid, for fair-skinned girls, apply pink.
  3. Apply beige concealer (it should be a couple of shades lighter than your own skin, but not too different).
  4. Blend well.

Finally, to set the makeup and give the dermis a matte appearance, use translucent powder.

Golden rules for using a concealer palette

First of all, assess the condition of your skin and indicate the “front of work”. Based on your knowledge of concealer colors, determine which ones you will use to cover up problems. If there are several blemishes on the skin, mask them one by one using the necessary shades. Start with the problem areas that most need correction, then move on to smaller problems.

Be sure to blend your concealer before applying foundation over it. The boundaries of the colors should blend into the skin, otherwise the contours will be visible even if a thick layer of foundation is applied. It looks very unaesthetic. If you are using a nude concealer, it should be slightly lighter than your skin tone.

Concealers under the eyes are applied in inverted triangles. The colors need to be “stretched” downwards. This will help you cover up dark circles under your eyes. Pimples are masked by small dots. It is very important not to go beyond the boundaries of redness, otherwise the skin will acquire an unattractive sallow tone.

The colors in a concealer palette do not always need to be used strictly for their intended purpose. You can experiment with shades and mix them with each other.

Recommendations from makeup artists

Makeup experts recommend using a primer with reflective particles as a base. This will help avoid the mask effect. For older ladies, it is better to use a silicone base to smooth out the texture and make wrinkles invisible.

It is advisable to treat the eyelids with creamy formulations, and cover up pimples or redness with hard sticks. For gentle application, droplets of the product can be distributed around the circumference of the eyelid, left for a couple of minutes, then blended with soft pats of the fingers.

It is important to treat not only the lower eyelid with concealer, but also the upper eyelid, as well as the bridge of the nose. Otherwise you will get a sharp contrast. You need to carefully paint the inner corner of the eye (the skin is darkest in this area).

All brushes and sponges should be thoroughly washed after each application of makeup. This will prevent the growth of bacteria on their surface and their transfer to the skin.

Signs of fatigue and the first signs of aging usually appear first on the lower eyelids. You can disguise dark circles and other blemishes using concealer. The main thing is to choose a product of suitable texture, color and composition, as well as master the technique of concealing makeup. A few simple techniques will help you instantly restore your face to a youthful, blooming appearance.

How to cover up dark circles under the eyes

In order to achieve the best concealing effect and at the same time look natural, natural and fresh, when applying foundation you should follow certain rules.

The following is an algorithm, following which you will be able to achieve good results even on your own at home.

Step-by-step instruction

Step-by-step instructions for disguising blueness under the eyes using foundation:

  1. The first thing you need to do is choose the necessary cosmetic accessories. Since to disguise a bruise you need a foundation with a warm (yellow or orange) pigment, you need to purchase it.
  2. Then you should be sure to cleanse your skin of remnants of previous makeup and other contaminants. It is best to use foams and tonics that will get rid of excess sebum. While washing your face, perform a light facial massage, which will improve the natural color of the skin and remove excess fluid that causes puffiness.
  3. After this, proceed to directly preparing your face for applying corrective cream. To do this, use special makeup bases, and if they are not available, apply a light moisturizing cream to the skin. This step will help remove flaking and ensure a more even application of the foundation.
  4. Then take your regular foundation and apply it all over your face, leaving the area around the eyes free (at this stage you do not need to thoroughly blend the cream). After this warm pigment corrector, begin applying under the eyes so that the product is distributed in the form of a triangle with the base at the lower eyelid and the tip pointing downwards. This technique will help make a smooth transition from the main skin tone, and this is how the face will look most natural (we try to avoid the “mask” effect).
  5. Now the main task is to carefully shade the applied products. To do this, you can use your fingertips, special brushes, beauty blenders and sponges. It all depends on preferences, makeup skills and, of course, on the availability of the necessary tools.
  6. The final step is to apply a makeup fixer (most often produced in the form of sprays) or powder. Powder should not be applied too generously, as this will give the skin a dry and dehydrated appearance. There should be a minimal amount of powder in the area around the eyes, as it will highlight all the small wrinkles and folds, of which there are many at any age.

Mistakes to Avoid

Mistakes to avoid when applying cosmetics to eliminate bruises:

  • Most often, this mistake is made due to lack of time and it consists in the fact that girls skip the preparatory stage (namely the process of cleansing the skin and applying foundation). This can completely ruin the look, since the corrective product will lie unevenly on dirty skin. Peeling will be emphasized. And, as a result, there is a high probability of not improving, but significantly worsening your appearance. Also remember that the health of your skin largely depends on proper preparation for makeup.
  • In pursuit of complete camouflage of bruises, girls often apply too thick coverage, which gives the face an unnatural appearance. Remember that makeup should decorate and not spoil beauty.
  • Often, when applying foundation, the upper eyelid and bridge of the nose are forgotten. These areas are also prone to blue discoloration, so they need to be addressed as well.
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