Dark circles and bruises under the eyes: reasons for their appearance and ways to get rid of them at home using cosmetics and folk remedies. Masks and massage for dark circles under the eyes

Causes of dark circles

Permanent makeup for dark circles under the eyes is a new direction in cosmetology. To carry out a successful procedure, it is necessary to select a pigment identical to the skin color so that there is no difference in complexion.

Important! The master selects pigment not only for skin tone. The cause of the dark spots of the lower eyelid is always taken into account.

Circles with a red tint indicate a cause of vascular origin with damage to small capillaries. Brown spots indicate increased pigmentation. Bruises under the eyes are the result of thinning of the skin with visible veins.

The main factors for the appearance of dark circles:

  • chronic lack of sleep;
  • stress, mental, emotional and physical exhaustion;
  • hidden diseases of internal organs
  • Smoking and alcohol abuse cause deterioration of blood vessels.


There can be many causes for bruises under the lower eyelids. The simplest is constant stress, fatigue and lack of sleep. Sometimes, to restore freshness and even skin tone, you just need a good night's sleep. Also, do not sit for a long time in front of a computer monitor; give your eyes rest as often as possible.


Lack of vitamins affects the quality of the epidermis, general condition, and, of course, the composition of the blood. Eat a varied and balanced diet, take vitamin complexes on time, especially in early spring and late autumn, when the body especially needs additional support. Drink more water, avoid junk food.


Blueness or yellowish shadows under the eyes can signal a disease of a specific internal organ. In any case, you should consult a therapist, undergo an examination and take a general urine and blood test; then, based on the results, the doctor will prescribe an examination or send you to a specialized specialist.


It is not so rare that dark circles under the eyes can be inherited. In this case, really, the only way to solve the problem is to contact an experienced cosmetologist.

To summarize this point, I would like to note that before eliminating a cosmetic defect, you need to understand their cause and begin to eliminate it first in order to prevent a chronic stage.

How to properly cover up dark circles under the eyes

Today, most makeup artists, stylists and simply beauty bloggers offer us a lot of video lessons where they share their secrets for correcting dark circles under the eyes. By using the most important rules for applying makeup, you will not only hide unsightly shadows, but also give your face a fresh and rejuvenated look.

Before you start applying makeup, especially in the morning, refresh your skin and tone it by using ice from mineral water or a decoction of chamomile, lavender, mint, lemon balm and other medicinal herbs that perfectly care for and soothe the epidermis. Ice will not only refresh the skin, but also relieve swelling, narrow capillaries and vessels that are located close to the surface of the epidermis. After all, it is the blood vessels that can cause cyanosis under the lower eyelids.

After the skin has dried a little (there is no need to wipe off any droplets with a towel). Apply a base cream, which, by the way, can also be aimed at eliminating hyperpigmentation. It would be better if

the product will be pre-cooled.

Next, apply concealer or corrector to the dark area under the eyes. They need to be selected by half a tone - a tone lighter than your complexion.

If the skin under the eyes is quite dry and sensitive, then you need to choose a concealer with a moisturizing effect. If you already have age-related wrinkles, we recommend using light creamy textures. Concealer that is too thick can highlight every wrinkle. But pay attention that the product is persistent and lasts up to 16-18 hours.

You can also use highlighters and concealers with shining microparticles, which also successfully mask hyperpigmentation.

Since pigmentation increases under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, we recommend choosing cosmetics with SPF protection.

  • Be sure to use blush that will distract a little from the eyes.
  • Try to focus your makeup on your lips, not your eyes.
  • It is not recommended to mask dark circles with powder; it will quickly roll off and lie deep in the pores, which will further emphasize the defect.

If you don’t have a corrector, concealer or highlighter on hand, you can use foundation, but before that, squeeze a little product onto the back of your hand and let it oxidize. After some time, the pigment will become thicker, then take a brush and apply it to the problem area.

How to hide dark circles under your eyes with makeup

Before applying makeup, the skin should be moisturized with a special cream. It is worth drawing your attention to the fact that this applies not only to dry and sensitive skin, but also to oily skin; the main thing is to properly moisturize oily skin types.

Then we cover the problem area under the eyes with a primer with light-scattering particles. The skin will be evened out, all small irregularities and wrinkles will be filled. Next, apply concealer, exactly to the dark area under the eyes.

The product is shaded with a soft brush or damp sponge, and then the foundation corrector is applied. Take a thick product; do not use too greasy or creamy concealers, as they will roll off very quickly on the moving area under the eye.

And one more touch is the application of highlighter. This way, you will focus on the corners of your eyes and give your look expressiveness. And the final stage is applying loose powder using a large fluffy brush. The powder should have a brightening effect, like in smoky makeup.

Dark circle concealers

Corrector and concealer will help hide the problem area of ​​the skin. Foundations have a long exposure time. If you use them to cover up skin imperfections, you don’t have to worry about your appearance for up to 16 hours. They have a light structure, do not cause allergies and are produced by the manufacturer in a wide range of colors and shades.

Concealer cream

The condition for good camouflage of problem areas of the skin is proper preparation for makeup. First, apply an emollient or moisturizer. It softens the skin, makes it softer, nourishing the epidermal cells. Oily skin types do not need to be dried; they are also moisturized. You should not apply the cream to the skin area under the eyes with your fingers; it is better to use a special brush. Its thin bristles can cover all the cracks and blue spots.

Note! When applying foundation under the eyes, apply it in the form of an inverted triangle. This will help avoid a large amount of product in the eye area and correct the cheekbones, distracting attention.


A reflective primer is applied to the area around the eyes. It helps smooth the surface, fills unevenness and hides small wrinkles. The concealer covers dark circles well. They choose a corrector based on the skin tone of the face: for dark and tanned skin, peach is needed, for light skin, purple and pink colors are more suitable. Defects with protruding capillaries will be hidden by products with a yellowish tint. They should not be of a dense consistency; they are applied after the primer. Next, take a foundation concealer and smooth out the area around the eyes, applying it in a thin layer, otherwise it will be impossible to hide the makeup and the face will look heavy.

Using products of different shades, shade only the borders, and not the entire area of ​​​​their application.

Important! You cannot use such products to disguise inflammation, wounds and pimples - their structure is too light.

Concealer in action

How the procedure works

The specialist cleanses the skin and then applies an antiseptic. Since the procedure is somewhat painful, after treatment, an anesthetic gel based on lidocaine is applied to the skin. The gel begins to act after 15 minutes. As soon as the product has taken effect, the cosmetologist injects fillers, making injections in several places with microneedles, trying to distribute the substance as evenly as possible. Then the specialist does a small massage, somewhat similar to a facial massage with spoons, as if distributing the substance under the eyes. Immediately after the procedure, you may feel slight pain and slight swelling as a result of mechanical damage to the skin. You can tell about the results in two weeks.


Of course, this procedure has its contraindications and is not recommended:

  1. For skin rashes;
  2. With poor blood clotting;
  3. For oncological diseases, for kidney diseases;
  4. Pregnant and nursing mothers;
  5. During menstruation;
  6. For epilepsy;
  7. After blepharoplasty, medium or deep peeling;
  8. If other drugs have already been used for the corrected area. That is, if you have already injected permanent fillers, then the introduction of any other substances is prohibited.

Preventing dark circles around the eyes

With the help of cosmetics you can disguise almost any skin imperfections. However, in addition to hiding imperfections, it is necessary to carry out regular caring procedures, giving the skin the opportunity to rest and recover. This can help eliminate existing problems and prevent new ones from arising.

Tips from makeup artists and cosmetologists on preventing dark circles around the eyes:

  • Do not use concealers that are too thick as they dry out your skin in your daily makeup.
  • In the morning and evening, after a hard day at work, after thoroughly cleansing your facial skin, it is advisable to wipe the area around your eyes with an ice cube. This will help relieve fatigue, heaviness and swelling. It is worth noting that you can use ice cubes not just from water, but, for example, from a decoction of chamomile, mint, string, etc. It is important to exclude the possibility of an allergic reaction to plant components.
  • Use eye patches regularly. There are a huge number of varieties of this product, as well as brands, on the market. Most professionals prefer Korean patches. This must-have helps relieve puffiness, slightly lighten dark circles under the eyes, give the face a rested look, and also moisturizes the delicate area. To enhance the effect of using patches, the product can first be placed in the refrigerator and used immediately after removing it from there.
  • The skin in the area around the eyes is very delicate and sensitive to the influence of external factors and cosmetics. It is very important not only to mask the problems that have arisen with it, but also to eliminate them if it could not be prevented. This area needs regular additional care - moisturizing, massages, etc., and high-quality, but gentle treatment during makeup application.

Types of dark circles under the eyes: what do they mean?

There are different types of circles under the eyes. Their main difference is color. It is he who can tell about what is happening in the body.

  • Blue circles indicate circulatory disorders in cardiac pathologies. Also, this color is inherited, and here you can’t do without cosmetology. Blue hereditary circles are usually caused by thin skin through which capillaries are visible.

  • Yellow circles indicate dysfunction of the liver and gall bladder. If there is no fresh air for a long time, you may notice dark yellow circles. Also, ladies who like to take a drag from a cigarette become owners of yellowness under the eyes.

  • Brown color usually appears after yellow circles when no treatment is given. Such circles indicate that the functioning of internal organs is disrupted. Therefore, a visit to the doctor should not be put off for a long time.

  • White color. Usually, white circles under the eyes can appear with vitiligo. This disease causes white spots to appear all over the body. Aesthetically, it looks ugly, but treatment of the disease itself reduces the appearance of white circles under the eyes to nothing.

  • Red color. Such circles can appear with allergies. If the red “mourning frames” are accompanied by swelling, then it is worth checking the functioning of the kidneys. To find out the cause of the formation of red circles, it is necessary to undergo laboratory tests of blood and urine.

Mask for dark circles under the eyes

If you cannot decide to take a drastic step and go to a cosmetologist for help, then you can try to eliminate the problem with the help of masks, which will differ from simple summer face masks at home.

Fresh cucumber. It is better to take the vegetable from the refrigerator. You can cut off circles and place them on the orbital area, and then change them as they warm up for 15 minutes, or grate the vegetable on a fine grater and apply the paste to the problem area.

Potato mask. Grate the cooled raw potatoes and mix with finely chopped herbs (dill and parsley). The proportions are 1:1. If you have very dry skin, you can add a little vegetable oil, vitamin E or rich homemade sour cream. Apply the mixture to the problem area and leave for 20 minutes.

Egg mask. Take an egg yolk and a spoon of olive oil, mix well and then apply to the problem area. As soon as the mask begins to dry out, wash your face.

Milk-bread mask. Mix the crumb of white or rye bread with warm milk. Apply the mask to the problem area and leave for a quarter of an hour.

At the end of the article, I would like to say that dark circles appear for a reason. To get rid of them, you need to solve the original cause: review your sleep patterns, diet, undergo an examination and make sure that there are no health problems. And only when you are sure that you are healthy and the bruises are only a cosmetic defect, you can try folk remedies or modern cosmetological methods.

Makeup technique

Eye concealer

Anti-aging makeup should look natural and hide skin imperfections. A beige palette of products is considered universal, but in any case they should match the natural tone. It is more convenient to mask the black area under the eyes with a liquid or cream product.

Applying concealer

Application diagram step by step:

  1. Cleansing and moisturizing the skin with cream or serum.
  2. Evens out the texture to extend the life of makeup with a primer.
  3. Evens out complexion with foundation without affecting areas under the eyes.
  4. Emphasizing the bridge of the nose with a milky shade.
  5. Apply concealer under the eyes and disguise dark circles with a flesh tone (you can take a peach tone).
  6. To eliminate green circles, use a pink color, and cover the translucent vessels with a yellow product.
  7. Shade the borders and fix the make-up with powder and blush.


For long-lasting makeup, use loose powder. Choose a translucent shade with a brightening effect and apply a thin layer. The quality of the product is determined by natural ingredients that do not swell from moisture. This is the final stage of makeup and concealment of defects.

How to make an artificial bruise

There are many ways to make an artificial bruise: they are quick and not very fast, they require special training, skills and knowledge, and are suitable for anyone or a professional makeup artist. Before you start implementing ideas, you should analyze the safety and absence of undesirable consequences.

Using a stylus

Separate the lead from a simple pencil and chop it, then rub it using a clean sheet of paper. Apply the colored sheet to the site of the desired hematoma.

Using matches

Take a box of matches and use a utility knife to remove sulfur from them. Rub the resulting material onto the desired area of ​​the hematoma. The advantage of this method is long-lasting results and relative safety.

You don't have to clean the wax from a match, causing a bruise with the match head.


To draw a hematoma, take gouache and apply the following colors sequentially, shading: blue, yellow, purple, black, burgundy. To simulate bruising and bleeding, red paint is needed. Another way is to rub the area under the eye with iodine and apply blue eyeshadow on top.

Aluminum spoons

With their help, the hematoma does not go away for a long time. To create a bruise, you need to rub two aluminum tablespoons against each other, and then rub them on the area chosen for the hematoma.

To get a bruise, you can take an aluminum button, paint it over with a pencil, apply it to the area under the eye and rub until it turns red. The result is a hematoma with redness.


To get a bruised effect, you can take a black eyeliner and apply it under the eye, then blend it with a tissue or makeup brush. To add realism, sequentially, carefully apply purple, blue and yellow shades of eyeshadow or pencil.

When using shadows, you should choose matte rather than pearlescent, iridescent or glittery shades for a realistic effect. To obtain hemorrhage or bleeding, you can use matte red lipstick in the desired shade.

Chalk and foil

Rub the area under the eye with chalk. Then crumple the foil into a ball and rub it on the coated skin until a bruise appears.

When creating an artificial bruise under the eye, it is necessary to apply paints and shadows not only to the intended area. It is important to cover the area near the nose, near the corners of the eyes.

Mistake #1: Ignoring the stage of preparing the skin under the eyes for applying concealer

If you skip this step, the makeup will lie unevenly, sloppily, the concealer may roll off and will be of no use. Plus it will accentuate wrinkles and maybe even deepen dark circles.

Solution: The skin needs to be moisturized. This is probably the most important thing, otherwise failure. For example, apply your daily eye cream a few minutes before your concealer, allowing it to absorb. If the situation under the eyes is more dire, then you need to act in several stages: before applying the cream around the eyes, use patches, and then take a colored makeup base with reflective particles, which, as a rule, works as a powerful moisturizer. This technique has a good visual cosmetic effect.

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Mistake #3: Concealer and corrector are confused

Maybe we'll tell you a secret now, but these are two different cosmetic products. Although they both can be used to cover up under eye circles.

Solution: Concealer is a concealer with a lighter texture and a color that matches your skin tone. Although it may be slightly pinkish or yellowish (with a certain undertone). And the corrector is most often presented in a color version, for example, pink (removes gray-blue bruises) and peach (neutralizes everything that gives off a blue tint). And one more nuance: the concealer is applied on top of the corrector, and not vice versa. It is better to apply correctors with your fingers, patting movements, you need to let it absorb, and then distribute the concealer in the same way.

“Concealer and corrector with a greasy texture are better at hiding dark circles under the eyes, but they don’t last as well. Therefore, it is better to powder them on top to secure them.”

Cosmetic and corrective products for dark spots under the eyes

Today, cosmetic companies offer two options to combat the “mourning frames”.

  1. Concealers - foundation, concealer and corrector.
  2. Eye cream against dark spots and puffiness.

The first ones cope very quickly and in just a few minutes are able to disguise dark circles. They are usually used under makeup when you need to quickly get yourself in order. The following concealers are popular:

  • Max Factor Mastertouch

    A good concealer that covers bruises and dark spots under the eyes. Thanks to it, the skin becomes lighter and the tone is evened out. The product is made in the form of a pencil, which makes it very convenient for application. The color can be selected depending on the skin, the choice is quite large.
  • MAC Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer

    Pigmentation corrector No. 1. Available in a round jar with a lid. It can be applied either with your fingertips or with a sponge. The concealer does not dry out the skin, is waterproof and lasts in all weather conditions (heat, rain, snow).
  • MAYBELLINE Affinitone

    The corrector is made from natural ingredients and does not dry or irritate the skin. Works great on bruises and dark circles under the eyes. After application, it looks a little unnatural, but after a few minutes the product “adapts” to the skin and completely merges with it.

The second (eyelid creams for dark circles) are designed specifically to solve the problem of getting rid of dark spots. Night products receive the best reviews from women, as the delicate skin of the eyes is relaxed and more receptive at night. The following drugs received good reviews:

  • Gel Contour des Yeux, Clarins

    This cream has been used by European women for over 50 years. It is actively recommended by cosmetologists. The cream has a rich natural composition that helps eliminate pigmentation, puffiness and swelling. It also actively moisturizes and softens delicate skin.
  • Dark Circles Eye-Cream, Shiseido

    The action of the cream is aimed at normalizing blood circulation in the dermis. This promotes the resorption of microscopic hematomas, which eliminates darkening. In addition, the cream has an additional protective function against environmental influences (sun, frost).
  • Clinique All About Eyes Rich

    The cream moisturizes well and is perfectly absorbed, so there is no need to remove excess product, as with other manufacturers. A small amount of cream is enough for a long period of time. The regenerating effect copes with swelling and pigmentation.

Mistake #4: Lightening the skin under your eyes too much

This mistake can be made if you use a concealer that is too light. From a distance it looks like white circles under the eyes. And, to put it mildly, it's not cool!

Solution: when choosing a concealer, pay attention to its color (returning to mistake No. 2). It may be slightly lighter than your natural skin color. To avoid white circles under your eyes, look at yourself in the mirror, moving slightly away from it. The concealer should neutralize dark circles under the eyes, but remain invisible.

TOP concealers for disguising dark circles under the eyes

When choosing a decorative cosmetic product to disguise dark circles under the eyes, it is important to pay attention to the following nuances:

  • manufacturer - preference should be given to well-known, proven brands;
  • composition of the product - it is desirable that the product contains the maximum amount of natural elements, and also contains moisturizing and nutritional components;
  • place of purchase - you should not purchase cosmetics from dubious retail outlets or from unregistered distributors - there is a high probability of buying a fake. It is better to choose chain stores, branded stores or trusted online sellers for purchase. Many companies also offer to purchase their products on the official websites of manufacturers.

Mistake #5: Applying concealer too thickly

In pursuit of covering up dark circles under their eyes as quickly as possible, girls go overboard and apply too thick (dense) a layer of concealer. By the way, this mistake can cause it to begin to roll and get stuck where it is not needed, becoming noticeable.

Solution: we repeat, the concealer should be applied using the layering technique, slowly, without rushing anywhere. Either with your fingers or with a fluffy blending brush, picking up a little bit of concealer at a time. Then it will turn out as natural and unnoticeable as possible.

Mistake #6: girls don’t camouflage the bridge of their nose and upper eyelid

This is the most common mistake! Girls are so keen on neutralizing dark circles under their eyes that they forget about the bridge of their nose. And it looks too dark in contrast. They also ignore the upper eyelid.

Solution: you need to go over the upper eyelid with the concealer you used earlier, and also disguise the bridge of your nose, paying attention to the inner corner of the eye (as a rule, there is the darkest skin tone). By the way, to camouflage your upper eyelid, instead of concealer, you can use a natural-colored eyeshadow base. In a word, you need to remember that, having covered up a bruise under the eye, you should even out the skin tone on the upper eyelid. Otherwise, the difference will be too obvious, especially if you don’t use eyeshadow for daytime makeup.

“Powder concealer on the upper eyelid and around the eyes so it stays in place all day.”

What do dark circles under the eyes look like and what can you do about them?

Every girl at least once in her life asks the question: how to disguise dark circles under the eyes? First of all, you need to decide why black circles appear; perhaps proper nutrition and good sleep will quickly solve this problem.

The skin is susceptible to various cosmetic problems, each of which can be masked by a certain product, for example, a concealer.

It’s easy to cover up dark circles with a beige concealer; the main thing is to choose it a couple of shades lighter than your foundation. In order to understand which color to choose, you just need to rub a few drops of concealer on your wrist; if it is invisible, then this is the right option.

How to disguise dark circles and dark circles under the eyes

Now there is a large number of different cosmetics that will help hide skin imperfections and give it a fresh and radiant look. To disguise dark circles, light concealers, highlighters and powder are ideal to consolidate the result, but you must use eye gel under these products.

How to quickly cover up a black eye at home?

Having learned how to properly cover up bruises under the eyes, you should also pay attention to the issues of tolerability of a particular product. When choosing cosmetics for such an important procedure, you must definitely test it and become familiar with its composition. You should not use expired cosmetics or those that raise doubts, as well as ingredients from unknown brands. When choosing what you can use to cover up dark circles under your eyes, you can also turn to old proven methods - camouflage with makeup. To do this, you can use regular foundation and powder. However, such a procedure will require some skill.

It is quite possible that the defect will not be eliminated the first time. You should not apply a large number of layers, which will only emphasize wrinkles. Professionals give tips on how to properly cover up dark circles under the eyes and recommend doing the following:

  1. Tint your eyebrows and apply thick eyelashes. This technique can create an excellent contrast with the skin tone, and therefore will not be visible as much.
  2. Make your eyes visually larger and brighter by using eyeliner. It needs to be made as clear as possible.
  3. With the help of colorful bright shadows and eyeliner, you can distract people's attention and direct it to your advantages.

To achieve an excellent result, you should learn how to cover up dark circles under the eyes using available products, and also divert the attention of passers-by, colleagues, friends and family from the problem area using makeup.

How to disguise black circles under the eyes?

There are several main types of cosmetics that effectively hide the hated dark circles under the eyes.

Eye cream

How to remove wrinkles under the eyes

It is easy to disguise circles under the eyes at home with the help of a cream, the only condition is regularity. A special cream developed for thin and dry eyelid skin will help cope with the problem of swelling.

Note! Products containing caffeine are especially effective; it helps remove excess fluid from the upper layers of the skin.

Eye cream helps hide the consequences of a fun and sleepless party, in this regard, the undisputed leaders are hydrogel patches, but if they are not available, then you can cut a cotton pad in half and spread a thin layer of eye cream on them, then put the pads in the freezer for 5 minutes and place under your eyes for a minute. The effect of rested eyes is guaranteed.

Eye cream will help remove dark circles under the eyes

This cosmetic product perfectly combats dry skin, the cream will replenish the moisture balance, and “crow’s feet” and other fine wrinkles will disappear.

After regular use of eye cream, dark circles will not make themselves felt, since the skin is well-groomed, moisturized and there will be less chance of this unpleasant defect appearing.


This is the fastest way to cover up bruises, the main thing is to choose the right shade and apply this product correctly.

This popular beauty product muffles unwanted dark shade and neutralizes it. To disguise purple bruises, use yellow concealer; if the circles are dark blue, then they will be ideally hidden by an orange or apricot undertone. On top of such cosmetics foundation and powder are applied.

To cover up some skin imperfections - redness, capillaries, dark circles under the eyes - you can use a universal beige concealer. This product should be quite dense, light, elastic, with reflective particles.

Important! Concealers easily mask any skin imperfections due to their high pigment content, so you can hide dark spots in just a couple of minutes.

Concealer stick


The light and airy texture is applied to the skin in a thin layer with a brush and does not clog pores and wrinkles, which are especially visible around the eyes. Highlighter is used sparingly; it must be applied to the corners of the eyes and cheekbones, so that the skin will be illuminated as if from the inside thanks to reflective particles, and bruises will become invisible. The result of using a highlighter will be a rested and glowing face.

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